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Aliens turned people into zombis!

Retro-style FPS focusing on interactions with environment and multiple options like run and gunning through the front door, hiding in shadows, or blasting through the locked back door with your shotgun.

Non-linear levels with secret places.

There are currently 16 different weapons (7 in the demo, many are hidden). 

Besides killing, some of them may be useful on the environment. For example a shotgun can rip a door off its hinges and the rocket launcher can blast some walls. There are more possible interactions but they may not be showcased in the demo. Also different ammo may have varying efficiency on different materials. Alien weapons, for example, tend to be ineffective on non-organic materials.

Over 10 different kind of enemies with varying behaviours (7 in the demo. some of them only appear in high difficulties).

4 difficulty modes which determine the number of objectives and enemies as well as their level of intelligence (for example, increasing difficulty can allow them to use more senses and hints to detect you, allow them to take cover, or more surprising behaviours)

The difficulty level doesn't have an impact on your health and damage nor on enemy health and damage. (but on high difficulty, they may aim at the head if you wear a body armour)

After beating a level you can unlock challenges. Basically 2 time attack modes. Complete all the objectives, or kill all the enemies.

It's a work in progress so stuff may change.

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, Aliens, Boss battle, Explosions, FPS, Monsters, Nonlinear, Singleplayer, Zombies
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


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Has a lot of potential, biggest thing that stood out to me would be hit feedback on enemies, for the most part they just seemed to take whatever i threw at them instead of reacting. 

Other than that looking forward to see what comes next with this project!

:-) What would you suggest ? For hit feedbacks I have blood particles, an animation of them screaming in pain (maybe that's not obvious?), a pain sound, some knockback, though not on alien weapons, and a stun chance, though it's low (depends on ratio between damage and enemy mass)

I might have had some setting messed up because I didn't see blood, the other things I probably just didn't notice(cause i'm unobservant as shit) - but what you listed is good

I don't really pay attention to it anymore, but maybe I should add more blood. It's just I'm not fond in particular of enemies having hectoliter of blood. You know, when you shoot them and the whole screen gets covered in red particles. Or actually, maybe it's just because alien blood is yellow and not red.

Ahh I probably just didn't notice it because of that, thanks for the information!

MAD :d

thanks. good to see the alligators react correctly, unlike on the other video. though I don't know if that's the version before or after I fixed the save. (though I tried breaking the save  and it still didn't break the alligators). didn't think it would be so hard, I'll try to see if more people have problems.

A fun demo for me to play, found a few strange bugs but overall good action, could use some in game music.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

:-)  it's an older demo with a different map here, I should add the new one soon.